Reverence Local Product


Cuisine & Cocktails


A chef-driven concept that pays respect to the great ingredients and producers of the Atlanta region, reinterpreted through a modern perspective. Fresh seafood, heritage meats, and market-fresh produce are featured on a seasonally adapted menu. An inviting dining room with natural light, warm fixtures, and textural design elements form the perfect backdrop for an undoubtedly memorable meal in Midtown.


Specials & Happenings

From weekly events to seasonal menu offerings, there is always something new & exciting happening at Reverence.


From Their Farms

To Our Tables

Reverence proudly serves locally sourced products from our trusted partners:

Joyce Farms, NC | Sarah Dodge Bread is Good, GA | Allan Benton Country Ham Prosciutto, TN | Kirk Halpern Farmers & Fisherman, GA

table with multiple plates of food and six chairs

Gift Cards

A connoisseur’s perfect gift this holiday season!